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Areas of Practice & Pricing

Elder Law

Protecting yourself or a loved one in their senior years is an important aspect of the law. From Medicaid planning to a dispute with a provider or facility, Cornerstone can assist you with legal guidance and services to help you through.

estate planning

Making plans for an estate is often viewed as difficult or bothersome — but it doesn’t need to be. Whether you’re looking to create a last will and testament or need to create a trust, we’re here to guide you through this process and help you ensure the financial well being of yourself and your loved ones.

real estate

The laws and statutes surrounding property and real estate can be difficult to navigate. Cornerstone is here to help keep you moving in the right direction. From property management and business needs to disputes relating to contract work or the sale of real estate, we can provide assistance and services so you don;t have to navigate alone. We also provide assistance in “For Sale by Owner” transactions.

Real Estate & Elder Law Pricing

Customized solutions to fit your individual needs

We create an approach that’s appropriate for your unique situation. We have a variety of select flat fee packages and also offer hourly services for more complex matters. Whether you’re looking to set up a rental business, need help with a guardianship, pursuing payment for damages , or anything in between, Cornerstone is here to help.

The best way to find out how we can assist you is to schedule a completely free, no-obligation consultation with one of our attorneys. During the consultation we’ll listen to your needs and determine a path forward. If, for whatever reason, we’re not the right firm for your situation, we’ll gladly help you find one that can.

Estate Planning Pricing

Cornerstone provides several different estate planning solutions for a fixed fee. Not every estate plan fits within a bundled plan – plans aiming to minimize estate taxes or plans for owners of a closely held business, for example, may start with a bundled plan, but require additional hourly services to ensure planning for the entire estate is complete.

Flat rate services, also sometimes called fixed fee, limited scope representation and, in the industry, unit billing, is a way to provide legal services for a fixed rate. Other types of billing include hourly and contingency fees. Flat rates are an excellent way to pay for the services you need; it guarantees you certain services and documents for an up front, unchanging price. It lets your attorney provide you with quality services that meets your needs and ensures your satisfaction.

Pricing on flat fee estate planning services ranges from $300 - $3,000 depending on multiple factors, including the complexity of your assets and marital status.

Basic Estate Plan

A basic plan for your estate.

A basic plan provides you with the documents you need to make sure your estate is administered the way you want it to be. It includes a will to administer your estate after your death and powers of attorney to protect your health and finances while you’re alive if you become incapacitated.


Living Trust Plan

Avoid probate and simplify administration.

A living, revocable trust provides you documents to further protect your estate. With this plan, your estate can generally avoid probate and still receive the benefits and protections of a basic plan. A living trust plan also includes services to re-title your assets to make them protected by the trust.


Advanced Planning

Customized planning based on your unique needs.

Because advanced planning requires a unique and custom approach for every situation, flat rate prices are not usually appropriate. Planning is charged on an hourly basis at a rate of $200 an hour. The cost of advanced planning, when done in combination with a flat rate plan, rarely exceeds the cost of the original flat rate plan. After a consultation, your attorney should be able to give you an estimate of how much advanced planning might cost.

• Medicaid Planning

• Special Needs Beneficiaries

• Business Succession

• Gift and Estate Tax Planning